Mac OS X-ishness

Today I've been looking at iTunes during my lunch break. You know, that's yet another thing Apple did very, very well. I've read reviews about iTunes and most of them were quite good, but honestly, you don't know what they mean until you've experienced it yourself. I logged in using my AppleID (of which I had forgotten my password, so Apple send me to the "iForgot"-page, quite funny), entered my credit card data and was allowed to buy the song Everlasting Love from Jamie Cullum. Very, very nice.

You can listen to the first 30 seconds of each song (Bart informed me of that, because I really missed that feature), buy complete albums or just individual songs. You know, no more illegal downloads for me. For 99 cents per song, that's a reasonable price. A bit cheaper for older songs would be nice (they might even do that, but haven't really looked into it yet), but on the whole very, very reasonable. Yes, I'm hooked. Yet another reason to buy an Apple.


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