UPS is quite good

Since we had a broken hard disk, Western Digital had to replace it. They send me a new one, so I could use that packaging to send the broken one back. They only asked of me to send it through a trackable courier. Since I had some trouble in the past with TNT, I wanted to use UPS.

Now, their website is a bit overdone, lots of options and I quickly lost my way, but after about 45 minutes I had my order entered. I was also able to tell them when to collect the package from my home. I told them friday (today) between 9am and 2pm. I kinda expected them to arrive early, so at 1.50pm I got nervous and called UPS. When I had the guy on the phone, the UPS collector rang the doorbell :) 1.55pm. Very, very nice. I like that.

He did tell me though (the guy that collected the package) that he wasn't sure if he'd make it and his dispatcher told him to try to collect the package at least before 4pm then. He tried to get here before 2pm though and he obviously made it. Good service. I shouldn't be so impatient :)


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