Found something...

I've noted here many times that Monique and I are looking for a place to live. Well, today we found something that might be worth it. At €112.000,- not very expensive and it's really not large at all, but it's in the centre of Roermond, near the train station. And close to an Interstate, so Monique can get to her work easily.

So now we're looking into a possible mortgage. Since only Monique's income counts, it's gonna be hard. But then again, since I do have (some) income, we can go for a mortgage that should wouldn't be able to afford if she were on her own. Things are looking good. Very good. We're really looking forward to moving in together and we kinda made the decision today to really go for the appartment.

There are some drawbacks to the place, though. It's right next to a large parking place, but they ask stupid rates for monthly passes. I'm not going to pay €109,- a month just to park the car there. But there are other options. It seems the city of Roermond sells parking licenses to her citizens for just €30,- per three months. That's quite affordable. And you're allowed to park anywhere in the centre where there's payed parking. Quite a good option, even though those places aren't supervised.

The other thing is that we need to pay €170,- per month in maintenance (which does include all heating costs) for the entire building. We think this is kinda much, but we can bare it. Especially when we keep in mind the money shortage will only be a short while... CIDEV is moving on and earning more and more profits...

Tomorrow we have a consult with our mortgage expert (the one that offered my dad's mortgage too). Sadly, our accountant is on holiday till the 13th of August and I don't think the appartment will wait that long... So we're going to go ahead with my dad's advisor.


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