Follow up and Rink's work

Yesterday went kinda bizar. We had an appointment with the mortgage advisor, but I had to cancel those because one of our customers had networking trouble (a whole company without Internet...), which had a higher priority, of course. When I canceled the advisor, my accountant called that he wasn't on vacation yet and that he'd be able to look at it this week. Which is a great relieve for me, since I honestly think he can get us a better deal than any other, because he has insight into my own financial situation. For all others my finances don't count, because I'm an entrepreneur. They want to see the earnings from the last three years, which isn't enough by far.

This morning I called the house broker that we were interested and want to visit again tomorrow, with parents and all. I told him we were interested in the appartment, if we could get the money together. So at least the appartment won't be sold in the meantime.

On another note, a friend of mine made the headlines today. Rink made port of FreeBSD to the XBox and all kinds of media are reporting on it, which is kinda cool :) I hope it makes slashdot :) I'll collect some URL here: (german) (french)

The OpenNET Project (russian)


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