Stories swirling through my head

My life has been so active over the last few months, there's a lot I need to put in order in my head. Not that I'm going mad or anything, but I've noted very often in my past that I do best in dealing with things by writing then up in stories. And my mind is swirling with one in particular. Nothing concrete, as yet, but fantasy, as usual. I feel the need to start writing again soon. Which will be hard, since it's been a few years since I last written a story. I might post it here, though.

Bart is at What The Hack this weekend with my PowerBook. His iBook broke down the day before he was to go to WTH. Since I knew how much he wanted to go, I lend him my PowerBook. I'm glad he's enjoying himself with it, but I do miss playing World of Warcraft a lot :) Yes yes, I know, I'm addicted.


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