Some random thoughts

I just listened to about 55 minutes of Tim O'Reilly talking at a MySQL conference last April. Some of the things he said made me think a lot about the future and the way it's all heading. Maybe as a startup company, we should think more about Web 2.0. I know, the term is vague and usually is described with a listining of a few examples. But we could use the momentum Web 2.0 is gaining towards our advantage.

For example, contact-wise: Why should every company have their own address book with information about all of their contacts, when it would be far more convenient to distribute your own internal addresses, containing only your own "end points" for others to see and search? There are ways to publish your own address book online and make it easily searchable for others. Also, there should be ways available to lock certain entries and only allow their access on a per-requestor basis. LDAP with a front-end would do the trick, I think. I'll think a bit more about this later. vCards are cute, but networked information is the future. I should look at the vCard specs tomorrow to see if it could contain a "update me at " field. It should.

Even though the Information Age looks like it's piquing now, I think we're only at the start of it. Centralized information deposits, like Tim O'Reilly talks about, will be instrumental in creating even more up-to-date information, ready at your fingertips.

We really should look into the possibilities for this traject. Not so we become a programming house (we don't want that (yet)), but to see if we can plan our own "Office of the Future with Technology from Now". Information processing should enable real work enhancements. We're just starting to see the real possibilities. Mark my words, we're only at the beginning of the Information Age...

Tim's talk is on IT Conversations, btw, but I'm too tired now to search for the URL... Maybe Apple can do it like this... Nope... ah well, tomorrow.


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