Online booking sites are frauds

I mean the kind that offers you an easy way to book a hotel. I'm looking for a hotel at the Veluwe for the weekend of the 19th till the 22nd of this month. Well, we don't have such a large budget to spend on these things, so I'm looking for... well... not cheap... but not expensive either. So I started looking at several sites that offer multiple hotels and an easy search mechanism. Since we prefer to take Aagje with us, I'm expecting slightly higher prices than the prices listed there. But not 130 euros more expensive...

I saw a hotal priced at 99 euro for two nights. Since we want three nights, it had an option and the price became 151 euros. Reasonable. Having a dog with you costs another 15 euros a night, which I think is quite reasonable too. Especially since Aagje is an Alt Deutscher Schäferhund, which isn't a small breed. So I sms'ed Monique with the 195 price tag, telling her it might become a bit over 200 because of insurrances and the like. Well... not.

The final price was almost 300 euros. How come? In the final step of booking the hotel, all of a sudden, a lot of extra costs are added to the bill. No explanation, no notice whatsoever, just almost a 100 euro higher bill. I'm sorry, but I consider such a thing fraud. Especially when those costs are very vague like "Arrangements/extra costs" (45 euro) and "Bookit insurrance" (2,50 euro). No explanation whatsoever. I hate that.

I'm calling the hotel to see if I can get it cheaper if I book directly with them.


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