A glimpse of the future?

Just imagine this. You're sitting behind your pc and listening to some music. You've been listening to this music for quite a few days now and really think it's time for something new. So you open you surf to your personal music taste site, made especially for you by recording which music you listen to. There are recommedations there, calculated by datamining the profiles of thousands of other listeners. You get an Amazon-style "Users who listen to this music, also listen to:" list and you see some unknown artists in there. So you start your music program, and search for this artist in the online music store. Of course you get the option to preview the music and you like what you hear from this unknown artist (at least, to you unknown) so you decide to buy the whole album. With two clicks the album is bought and downloaded to your computer for easy listening.

The future? Yeah right! This is now. That's how I found the album of Wealthy Beggar, apparently a Dutch band, even! (Didn't know that until I just searched for their homepage.) My "search" was a combination of AudioScrobbler, Apple's iTunes and the iTunes Music Store (which is embedded in the iTunes player, maybe an 'abuse' of Apple's 'monopoly', but hey, this is an abuse I can live with!). I love technology. Great music too!


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