For more than a year now, Monique and I have been training Aagje ourselves. The last few months, we didn't really work with her anymore, since my father decided that he didn't want to use her for breeding. She had to go. After looking for a suitable family for her, my dad and I went talking and I offered to work with her. I've always wanted that, because Aagje is my favourite dog these days. She has so much spirit and so much love for working, it's really adorable to see. But I didn't want to spend a lot of time at training her if she would go to another family.

After a few weeks of talking, my father decided that I could have her. So we'll be arranging to transfer her ownership to me for my birthday. Absolutely one of the best presents I can get. I'll blog more about that later.

But today, in about 25 minutes, we'll be heading to Honing's Dogschool for an intake. I really want a school that fits to our needs and that respects the way I handle Aagje, because I'm very sure that I do a lot of things right with her. She's so smart. One of the most difficult tricks for a dog is to sit during a walk. So that we walk, I tell her to sit, but without paying her any attention, I walk on. That's very difficult. She did it after twice one hour of training.

I'm really expecting a lot from the dog school. I hope they fit the bill. Wish me luck!


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