Stuff. Just. Works.

I've been reading Winn Schwartau's Mad as Hell series for about 45 minutes now (the appointment with the dog school is tomorrow, not today, doh) and I so wholeheartedly agree with his views.

Just before I started reading it, I upgraded my NewsFireRSS client, since it told me there's a new version out. Can't live without my rss aggregator. A few of the feeds I'm subscribed to are password-protected. Since NewsFireRSS is a real Mac OS X app, it stores those passwords in Keychain (scroll down a bit, until you can see the, well, keychain image). After the update, Keychain prompted me with a message (I'm really sorry I didn't take a screenshot):

NewsFire has been updated. Do you want allow this new installation access to the same information that the previous version had access to?

(Probably not literal, but it amounted to the same thing.) That's just great. I mean, that's really great. You know. Stuff. Just. Works.

I'll have to make sure that I don't become to religious about this stuff. But it's really great. Read the Mad as Hell series. I mean it, go read it now.


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