Very proud

So today was the intake in earnest. At 15.45h I arrived at the place (again) and spoke to the guy in charge, Harry. We talked a bit about our ideas of dog training and we're very much on the same level here. Most dog school train with a "reward good behaviour, ignore bad behaviour" paradigm, but I don't think that'll work for Aagje, because she's very dominant. She needs to be put in her place once in a while and she needs it to be done very thouroughly. And that means using corporal punishments.

That may sound harsh but trust me, it isn't. It's doggy language. Dogs among themselves punish each other with a bite in the neck or, if the offence is very severe, a bite in the nose. So we mimick that. If she needs to be punished, I pinch her neck. If she keeps on doing it, I pinch her nose. Very simple. Very firm. Very consequent. Very clear.

I'm so very proud of Aagje. We joined the third lesson tonight (the first two were the last two weeks) and she worked like she'd never done anything else. Over the hedge, through the hoop, sitting on top of a rickety box, climbing two meters on a platform, everything. We're doing Agility, by the way. The teacher thinks she'll be doing things perfectly in a few months, because she's so very driven to work. I love seeing her have fun. And I'm very proud that she was the best of the class :) (Well, I might exaggerate that a bit, but she did very well!) Next lesson is next Wednesday.


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