14 Years for murder, mixed feelings

Last year the son of friends of my father shot someone. The guy he shot died. Yesterday, the Justice Department (OM in The Netherlands) demanded 14 years imprisonment for the crime. Reasonable, I think, if this is all the information you have. It becomes more difficult if you know some details.

The shooter rented a house to the guy, in which the guy demolished almost all the walls for growing weed. You know, the drug kind. Instead of popular believe, growing weed is illegal in The Netherlands. The shooter, however, knew they were doing this and he was even payed extra for it. But when they started to demolish his house, he wanted them out. They wouldn't and started threatening him. He hid for several weeks, but then they found him and beat him up with honkbal bats. No joke. Honkbal bats. He went back to his place, got a gun and shot the guy.

Even though he's far from innocent, I do feel kind of sorry for him. His life was ruined because he thought he could make a little bit more money. He couldn't live a normal life anymore. His only way back to normality, he thought, was shooting the guy.

What else to do? And since the dead guy was a foreigner, he can expect retaliation when he leaves prison again. I think it's sad. And because of these things, people tend to dislike foreigners. I myself don't care about foreigners one way or the other, as long as they're honest. But I can understand the sentiment.

14 Years in prison for trying to bring you life back to normal. Maybe he deserved it. Maybe not. I'm having mixed feelings about it.


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