We have a new puppy. A male dog, this time, called Xam. My dad is still thinking about another name, because he doesn't like Xam. They found the dog yesterday in Germany and directly bought it and took it home. He's 14 weeks old and already very large. Although very disproportioned, at the moment, because he was fed puppy-pallets (which usually contain way too much stuff). We hope he'll look better in a few weeks.

I'm not happy with the whole thing. I mean, it's a really cute dog, all puppies are cute. But I think my dad and Hanneke don't spend enough time on the dogs we already have. They even say so themselves. But still, they wanted a male dog (the first one here, although there are already 6 dogs), so they bought the first they came across. Not amused. But he's cute, though.


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