vTiger CRM Review

Finally, I had some time to review the next in line for my overview of Open Source CRM programs.

Technical Overview

  • Webbased
  • PHP + MySQL (no other database support)
  • Can be installed as a complete package (including Apache and MySQL and stuff) or just the source.
  • Derivative of SugarCRM


Lots of licenses. Check out their FAQ for a complete overview. Most parts are under Open Source-ish licenses. MPL, I guess.


Not too bad, really, after I switched off some of the clutter. Sometimes I'm getting horizontal scrollbars though and that's a real no-no. Still, they seem to try getting as much information as possible in one page and making it look like a desktop-app. People shouldn't do that. A web-interface is powerful enough by itself, if used correctly.

The interface seems inconsistent, though. When I switch off certain items, I'm seeing the tabs at the top dissappear (after relogin), but the links at the bottom are still there.

It all feels kind of amateurish. Which isn't bad, really, but not really what I'm looking for. Their email-interface downright sucks. It's really not a bad product, though. Maybe viable in a few years.


The workflow is okay, too. Not restrictive in any way. Didn't really look into this, though. Didn't feel like it :)


I guess most of the functionality I need is in it. More than I need, really, but I can turn that off. And since it's PHP, I can easily extend it with modules of my own, to provide a link with Asterisk and Trac and IssueTrackerProduct. The code doesn't really feel clean, though. I had to change some things in the webinterface and other things in the code. Now, I don't mind editing config files, but please, be a bit consistent!


Not bad. Lot's of potential, I guess. But it needs some polish. And some real programmers. It feels much like it's written by a bunch of amateurs that quickly want to write something that works for them. It isn't fit for businesses yet, I'd say. But it might be in a few years.


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