Installing Breezy - Don't download from the Internet!

My dad's disc crashed. I warned him about that possibility before, since he's using Maxtor and we've very bad experiences with those discs. So since yesterday, I've been installing Ubuntu anew on his brand new (Maxtor :() harddisc.

Since I recently recieved my shipment of Ubuntu CD's (made available through ShipIt), I decided to start with those. They were no fun. During the install process, I told the system to download the latest packages from the Internet. In second stage installation (after the reboot), the stuff failed miserably. Apparantly, upstream has an update-incompatible version of libesd0, which crashes the installation and leaves you at a prompt. I tried to fix it, but I couldn't, the package just wasn't proper for the installation.

Desperate as I was to have the stuff working asap, I decided to download Dapper Drake, the alpha for the next version of Ubuntu, to be released in April. That looked really, really nice. Much of the stuff I wanted changed in Breezy was changed for the better. I actually really liked that desktop... apart from the fact that I couldn't get my printer working.

Now, we've got a Canon S600 here, for which the driver from Ubuntu simply doesn't work. I don't know why they ship it with that driver, since the printer doesn't print with it. Feels like someone didn't do their job correctly. But, several years ago, we bought the driver from This driver works perfectly... except on Dapper. I was able to print the testpage once and then it simply stopped printing or even responding to printing commands (you know, starting and warming up). Since I really need to print some stuff today, I decided to try Breezy again.

Which is what I'm doing now. The first time I again got caught by that strange upstream package which doesn't want to install. Now I'm in second stage, by telling the system to not download packages from the Internet. I'll do that after second stage, since there seems no adequate way to do second stage properly.

Btw, if you're caught in second stage and want to start it again, start base-config new. It'll start the second stage install anew, with a question about language up front. The thing is, if you by mistake entered "download packages from the internet" during your first stage, you're screwed. Somehow you can't just quit second stage, edit sources.list and start second stage anew. It will change the sources.list back to the one it generated during first stage. It must be saved somewhere on disc, but I've been unable to find it and honestly, I'm tired of searching for the stuff.

There must be some great documentation about how the installation works and how you can manipulate it. But I've been unable to find it. I hope this install just works.


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