Watching the tube, Future-style!

Today, in my feedreader, I came across an O'Reilly Radar article about a Mega-TiVo that really hit a sweet spot of mine. It shows a glimpse into the future, by connecting several techniques that we already have today. I'm not going to recap the article (read it yourself), but it hints at some very powerful social-networks. No more boring "prime-time" broadcasts, watch what YOU think is interesting and worth your precious time. And above that, share your interests with your friends or co-workers or even your business-associates!

Your tv-watching-habits are just one facet that defines your interests. Being able to never miss a show would be awesome. Being able to watch all episodes of MythBusters on that free Saturday night is another benefit! And that one especially cool episode with the exploding gastank at a petrol station? Watch it again! You like it? Recommend it to your friends, so they can watch it too! Maybe you've seen a special about some technique which your company could implement easily for your customer, show it to them! Collect such specials in your own company page, linking directly to them. Or use a system like TrackBack to connect your company which such episodes, so a potential new customer interested in the technique, can find you more easily. There is a vast potential for these social network-elements.

I can already imagine it happening, not just connect everything to everything, but give a value to those connections by using the power of networks and possibly your computer (those Bayesian filters that you're using for spam detection can do a lot more...) to evolve from the Information Age, which should be more apply renamed to the Information Overload Age, to the Personalized Information and Attenuation Age! This is one great step forward to solving the problem of keeping up.

The future could be great, if we ever get round to switching from Information Overload to Distilled Information. Let's start distilling.


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