Bazaar vs. Cathedral (or something like it)

I just started to read a blog post about Windows Vista development politics and once again I'm glad I'm in the nix-camp. Microsoft is trying to create a big leviathan, software-wise, which controls every and all aspects of your computer. A good nix environment (like Linux or a *BSD or even MacOSX) works the other way around: Create lots of little controls that control one teeny-weeny aspect of your computer. But be sure they control it very, very well.

The same should be applied to many business-aspects. Don't create a major management that tries to control everything. Have each employee be responsible for their own work and make sure they're the right people at the right place (like, don't have a marketeer decide how your program should look, have an interface designer do that!). I know that idea is an utopia, you never have all the people around that actually have all the specialist knowledge that you need. But you can make intelligent decisions here.

I mean, when I look at my own company, I'm the one who takes financial decisions. Of course I consult my business partner when I'm about to refurnish our office, but he knows I'll make the right decisions. Just like he makes any technical decisions. Of course he talks them over with me, but I trust him about those things, so the actual decision is taken by him. I really, really hope we can grow this way, too. The right people at the right place.


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