Automatic backups for PowerBook/MacOSX

Dear Lazyweb (is there a MacOSX specific lazyweb?),

I'm looking for a way to make a backup from my MacOSX-driven PowerBook G4. Yes, it's more than 18 months old now, so I feel a bit anxious about having so much data on it. Of course, I make a backup myself fairly often, but I'd prefer an rsnapshot-style backup that's done automagically at night, when the powerbook can find my own wifi and isn't even on. I know, probably a lot to ask for, but I'd be thrilled to have or even pay for an application that unsleeps my powerbook at say, 3am each day, checks to see if it can find my home wifi network and if so, make a new rsnapshot backup to my external-storage-connected-to-my-always-on-iMac. So I get backups even when I still have the powerbook stored in my backpack.

Any idea on where to find such an application or if it would be easy to script myself? I found a way to wake up my powerbook each night, but it will go to sleep again almost instantaneously. Any help is appreciated!!


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