The Future of Broadcast/Entertainment/Television

A few days ago I watched a lecture by Mark Pesce at the Australian Film Television and Radio School about the future of TV distribution in the age of P2P networks and I really had the idea that the guy hit the mark right on the head. He talks about how the new Battlestar Galactica series announced the end of broadcasting television. He has some really good arguments. If you have the time and if you're interested in that sort of thing, go have a watch!

And just today, I saw the first glimmer (or better yet, supernova!) of how mr. Pesce hit the nail right on his head. The first episode of Stranger Things. The series is apparantly created without funding whatsoever, except probably the stuff the creators themselves put into it. They're using short stories of Scott Sigler, if you're into books, podcasts and stories, you might know that guy from Earthcore, the podiobook. The first episode of Stranger Things is about 30 minutes long, 640x480, looks great maximized on my 17" iMac and is a story in the line of the old Twilight Zone episodes. A bit less dark, in my opinion. And my god, it's absolutely brilliant. Go watch it and taste the stuff of the future!


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