Alan Kay at

Lately my posts seem to be about TED almost exclusively. But it's been so busy at work that it's the only thing that I really want to put online these days. The only thing that's actually worth it to share with the world.

People who know me, know my love for education and how I think we're going totally the wrong way about it at this time. Just saw the presentation of Alan Kay and he totally hits the mark. It's like my post a few months ago about Daniel Goleman's presentation at TED, which I loved for the same reasons. Mr. Goleman goes a bit more theoretical, I believe (will have to watch that one again soon), but Alan Kay brings it to the front of my mind because of the practical approach. I love his example about the six-year-olds who learn the theorem of Pythagoras not by sitting and listening, but by doing. There is so much power in doing and feeling.

It so hits the right spot.

Edit: Although Daniel Goleman's presentation is worth the watch too, I remembered it incorrectly. The one I wanted to reference was Sir Ken Robinson's presentation at TED. Sorry for the mix-up!


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