MUpromo and the sheeps

So MUpromo has a deal on Mac apps. Kind of silly, if a certain number of sales are met, everyone gets an extra app. They did it before, apparently, with good results.

The apps are quite silly, except for the locked ones (I'll get back to the "locked apps" a little later). For instance, the first app, Hazel, is a "house-cleaning" app. It can automatically clear out items in your trash after they've been in there for a certain while. Like anyone would want that! There's a certain amount of joy I get when cleaning out my Trash, that makes me feel like I just cleaned the whole house (after, not before or during). A satisfaction. Hazel would take that away from me! Also, when you delete an app out of your Applications folder, Hazel automatically finds associated folders in several locations, including the Library/Application Support directory. Pfff, needed that a few months ago, now it's already all cluttered!

Hazel can do more, though. It can keep watch of your desktop and changes the colors of new files in there or very old ones. Yay, didn't you always just want that? Silly.

Now Hazel at least, is sort of useful, but Art Text? Double-u-tee-ef? That's like as useful as a lumberjack on Easter Island. Complete timesink. Yeah, so it has 110+ pre-designed styles, who cares? It's not like you can make anything useful with this. Just arty looking text. I played around with it, you know, just to see what it could do and before I knew it, it was an hour later! Talking about a timesink!

Next app, please! MenuCalendarClock is about as useful as Art Text. I mean, hello? I already have iCal? Why would I want this app that even uses iCal itself?!? What a rip off. Yeah, sure, it adds a convenient icon to your status bar that shows you the day of the month. And you can click it and it'll show you the current month, tasks you have in your calendar, week numbers etc. You can add tasks from that small app, too! Pfff, why would you want a small, non-obtrusive little thingy in your status bar when you can have a full blown iCal? I really don't get this app.

Leap aka "YabatwtmF", Yabba for friends. If you watch the videos on this guys site, you'll see what it's all about: Absolutely nothing. Some finding improvements, maybe, but can it really replace Finder? So maybe it does look a little nicer, allows you to easier find files instead of traversing countless of folders and allows you to tags documents and other files for easy finding in the future. Do you real need this kind of functionality? I know I don't.

So you want to be a writer, huh? Yeah, move to the back of that very long queue over there. There are more writers than readers on this planet, so I really have no idea why and app like StoryMill would be interesting to anyone. Who reads books anyway? I once tried to write a book, but I grew frustrated from my text processor and it's ability to completely dull my senses. StoryMill is a bit different, I'll admit. Allows you to save your research, create a comprehensive timeline, gives you tools to track your progress, and even allows you to go to "full screen mode", so you want have any distractions while writing. Give me old pen and paper, I say, the good old-fashioned way to write. They're called "writers", not "typists". Jeez.

Apparently, the people from MUpromo don't think very highly of their users typing skills. Well, neither do I, so the next app could be quite useful for most of them! Typinator ("I;ll bve bakc") fixes spelling mistakes on the fly. In any program you're in, doesn't matter if you actually want the error to be corrected! For example, while trying to type the misspelled quote, I actually had to trick Typinator for it to allow me to spell back ... back.. aaargh, again! B A K C. There. It also makes writing your complaints over and over again much easier! Simply make a macro and Typinator will save you several key strokes. Rant away!

I love my DVDs. My Extended Edition of LotR (all three of them, of course) isn't supposed to fit on one DVD! Or on a video iPod! Can you imagine watching all that beauty, all those wonderful shots, the details, on such a tiny screen as the video iPod? Even the iPhone won't do it justice. So I have a special dislike for their next app, DVDRemaster Pro. Aweful, it screws up the artistic effort the creators put into it. How glad I was about the the previous app, so appalled am I about this app. Rubbish! I mean, it allows you to remaster the DVD! Who would want such a thing, I say! Bah.

Are you still with me? Let move on to the "locked" apps. And I'm sure they will stay locked, because there's absolutely no reason for anyone to buy this bundle. Let's dive in, shall we?

At the time of writing, we're waiting for the first app, Sound Studio 3, to be "unlocked", as they call it. Unlocking is apparently achieved by having a certain amount of buyers. If 5000 people buy the bundle, the app gets "unlocked". After this app has been unlocked, we'll hear the amount of people needed to unlock the second app. A boring yet very sly marketing ploy! As soon as you bought the bundle, it's in your best interest to promote the bundle! Countless sheeps are polluting forums everywhere now, pointing to this worthless bundle. Spam galore! Cheap advertising, I call it! Sounds like one of those "Ponzi schemes".

Now, about Sound Studio.... And that's about it. Nothing more to say about it. Oh, I could tell you about the ease of the ui to edit recordings, all the effects you can add or editable features, but I won't. Who records themselves anyway? Large studios are much better suited for that. Well, except of course for the person who actually found StoryMill worthwhile, they can go make a PodioBook out of it! Or you can make a podcast, but let's be real, who actually listens to those anyway?

Another silly app: BannerZest. It makes, well, banners. Or slideshows. Cool idea but... it makes them in Flash! Boo! Flash! Boo! Talking about screwing up the surfing-experience. I still remember the time when the web was just plain and static. Good times, good times. Applications like these make the web look way too... flashy, for lack of a better and less hyped word. So now you can make you picture collection look like an art gallery. Woopie. If only your personal pictures were worth it...

Parallels for Mac is the biggest name in this bundle and probably the most useless app around. So you want to run a pc... on your mac... How silly is that? Why would you ever want to have a pc inside your mac? You'd only get infected with those gazillions of virusses that are around the world! Or worse, you could be tempted to finally ditch the Mac and migrate back to that world shattering Microsoft OS, Vista! Oh you need to run some of those MS only apps? Well, tough luck. Go find their Mac equivalents. But you won't find them in this bundle.

And when you finally thought you were through all those apps, there's an announcement that they added an app for the first 3500 buyers! Like they'll ever meet that goal! Silly people there. Anyway, the app is WhatSize. It's for the machos amongst us. Show the world how large your Pictures folder is! Look at how much extra weight is in your Trash!

So anyway, useless bundle. You can go away now.

No really. Go away.


Yeah yeah, I bought it three days ago already and you really need to check it out. Great value for a very very low price! Now go buy that bundle so I get to play with BannerZest to make my pictures nice and browsable and can update my Parallels 2!


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