A week on the train

So I've been taking the train for a week now. Each morning from Sittard to Eindhoven, each afternoon back to Sittard. I kind of expected the most problems in the morning, but so far as I can see, that's going quite alright. Not too crowded, it usually gets a bit crowded at Roermond, but then I'm already sitting, so I'm not bothered by it a lot.

Getting back is a bigger problem. Lots of delays, lots of people. I don't mind a lot of people on the train (let's face it, most commuters ignore the world around them), but I really hate it when I can't find a decent place to sit. Bought an upgrade ticket twice this week, both times in the afternoon, to get back home. But even first class was very crowded.

Today it's okay, but I left later than usual. Not sure how this will develop. I do hope this will get better in the next years, because I'll be commuting this way for a loooong time.


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