Looking for a desktop caching tool

So I'm in the train again and the internet connection over GPRS is horrific. Well, what can you expect, really. But still, I wish it was a bit better so I wouldn't have to press reload so often when the connection to a server has been terminated because the signal hiccuped.

If the MacOSX desktop would do a better job at caching, all would be well. But it doesn't. It doesn't have a caching dns service, nor does it aggressively cache any content. Which is great in a normal, desktop-y setup, but not very good for the way I'm using the internet right now.

Maybe I should see if I'd get a better response from the whole web if I install something like Squid. It's part of Macports, so shouldn't be that difficult. Disk space isn't a problem either, my Macbook has way more disk space than I ever expect to use.

That's great for the content, but what about a caching dns server? Bind seems the logical option, but I'm not a big fan of that one. Macports has a package called pdnsd. No idea what that one is. Worth a shot, I guess. But I hope it has some sort of script to make sure it's added to resolv.conf or something.

Something to work out once I'm home.


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