Desktop caching, continued

So two days ago I started fiddeling with Squid and pdnsd. I only just got it all working correctly and I must say, I'm not disappointed. The only gripe I have is mostly my own fault: I cannot grasp the correct usage of Mac OS X's "locations" with regard to networking. I cannot imagine that the idea behind that is that you need to change the location every time in the system preferences. However, that seems to be the only way I can get it to work correctly. What am I missing?

Anyway, after I installed both Squid and pdnsd from Macports, I set up Squid to use the pdnsd service that I have running on I uncommented the OpenDNS lines and the root dns server lines (sorry, but I can't seem to find another solution for that one). After that I changed the proxy settings in Mac OS X and only added the http and https proxy. Pointed them towards and... well, that's it, basically. Everything works and my internet is more or less usable at this time. It's still not faster of course, but I can easily switch form site to site. I came to the realization that I mostly visit only a few sites, so those are speeded up quite okay.

So, if you're surfing through GPRS like I am now and you want to speed things up a little, make sure you check out Squid and pdnsd.


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