A Different Project

The seatbelt of my car is stuck. Very annoying, I always drive with my seatbelt on (you risk a fine if you don't here in NL) and it feels like driving naked when I can't use it. So today I brought my car to the mechanic's.

The car is there now, I just walked to my dad's house (it's closer to the shop than my own) and I came across this sign:

Seen in Puth

It's a photo made with my cell phone, so not that clear. The whole sign is of a kind that we see here often, usually at construction sites. The contents are:

  • Project: Rik
  • Date of delivery: 23 nov 2008
  • Building contractor: Daddy
  • General foreman: Mommy
  • Supervisor: Luuk
  • Interested: www.j3kidsart.nl


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