Celebrated my birthday yesterday and I had a wonderful day. My step sister (of eleven) helped me the whole afternoon with the shopping and getting ready and most of my friends came for the evening and actualy stayed for a long time. Which seems to indicate that they had fun.

In all honesty, the party was probably more a "thank you" towards my friends, because they all helped me quite a lot these last few months. During the evening I mentally gave them all a separate role. My coworkers, who listened to me whine often enough, but never complained about it. My best friend, who always agreed with me about the issue, no matter what it was about. That sounds a bit shallow, but at times that's exactly what I need, simply someone who just agrees. My best ladyfriend, who had her own troubles, but was still there to talk to me and dispell some negative notions I had about myself. My dad and his wife, who always had time to sit around the kitchen table and drink coffee with me. My dad's best friend, who made some important decisions for later when they were needed and when no one else thought about it. And of course Aagje, who was always ready to cheer me up and who I almost repayed with considering to give her away to someone else.

I had a great evening and I think everyone else enjoyed themselves as well. That's important, good times with good friends.


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