Dungeons & Dragons: Return of the Weekend

When I was a student in Eindhoven, I had a bi-weekly play group. We played Dungeons & Dragons, with either Martijn or me as DM. Although we often had "outsiders" (who were no outsider at all, while playing, to be frank), there was this core group that was always there. Martijn, Wilko, Remko, Stefanie (Steef) and Joke. And me, of course. I have a lot of wonderful friends who I really like to spend time with, but those Wednesdays in Eindhoven with our D&D group were one of the best of my life.

Every year we went away with the group for a whole weekend. Somewhere to a camping, in a tent, and play all weekend long. The six of us. That was really a whole lot of fun.

After a while the group split up, due to circumstances. Time was becoming an issue, so was distance. I still lived in Puth, so I had to travel and make sleeping arrangement. Now the sleeping arrangements were never a problem, but I do not like sleeping in someone else's room, honestly. Nothing to do with the person, I just sleep best in my own bed. But people also finished school and moved away and our nights were less frequent and eventually stopped altogether.

For each of them I still have a typical persona in my head with whom I associate them. Remko was the brute, the barbarian, unsofisticated but friendly. In real life he was normal sized, maybe a bit small and young, but he played the big guys. Wilko usually played the Aragorn-types, silent but deadly. Wilko is a large chap, in height that is, not so much in weight. But it suited him, playing the shadow. Steef was the feminine woman of the party, she tried to play the wise dryad-type, but in my memory she only half succeeded (sorry Steef), but that was okay, because it added a lot of flair to her playstyle. She also was very intuitive and I'm not fully sure, but I think she saw through most of the plots I threw in front of the party. Joke is Rowena. I actually mix up the names sometimes in my head. Rowena was a female barbarian, which she might have modeled a bit after Remko's character, but she gave it her own twist. Rowena was fairly smart (for a barbarian) and I'm very sure that Joke sometimes had trouble "dumbing down" her character. Lastly Martijn. My fellow DM. He and I just played very well together. We made chars that complimented each other, gnomes that were silly together and we just played along.

Man, I had so much fun with that.

So last week Martijn emailed everyone that it was time for a reunion. Bi-weekly would not be possible (time, distance, etc.), but just for one weekend. With me as DM. So I kind of forced them to come here, since otherwise I wouldn't know what to do with Aagje, but I'm sooo looking forward to it. It's probably going to be the last weekend of April, but we'll see. Everyone was very enthusiastic about it. Some of them I haven't seen for years. Really, really looking forward to it.


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