Dungeons & Dragons: Return of the Weekend (after)

You might remember that I wrote about my D&D weekend before. Well, my friends left a few hours ago. I'm just about doing the dishes and some final cleaning.

Best. Weekend. Ever.

I had so much fun, seeing my old friends again and playing a game that I forgot I liked so much. It was great, people arrived Friday around 19:00 and we all ordered pizza. Most of them needed to fine-tune their character a little (Joke even had to create her character!), so it took several hours before we were ready to start.

But once we were ready, we played until 3:00. And the next day we started around 13:00 and played till about 1:00 (I was so tired that I needed to stop). Joke and Remko cooked for us and Wilko, Steef and I did the dishes.

The game was awesome. My preparation sucked (I'm the Dungeon Master), but the players amply made up for it. They were great, still the same different characters as years ago. Even though the game is great, the social interaction with these friends is just awesome. Everyone is different, but we can get along so friggin' great.

Thanks people, for coming over and having a great weekend. I miss you already.

Hopefully, we get to do this again next year, maybe a little longer than one weekend.


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