Electric vehicles: None (that I want) really available yet

That includes the Tesla thingy, which I would want if it didn't cost about half of what my current mortage is. I doubt my bank will agree to giving me such a loan.

There are a few available that are okay, but they generally do not fit the requirements I set out in an earlier post. One thing that I'm going to adjust is the range. It seems not possible yet to get 250km out of a charge at any decent speeds. So I'll lower that requirement to 175km, which would be enough for me to reach our office in Eindhoven and get back home again to Merkelbeek and have some little to spare.

But even with that change, there's nothing available yet. Most stuff is simply too slow, real city cars that can hardly reach 50km/h. I'm too impatient for that.

There is some stuff that I'm keeping an eye on, though. Out of my price range, but very interesting, is the Mitsubishi i MiEV. Priced around €37k, it's way above my budget, but the technology looks very mature. Except for the price tag, it does fit my needs.

The electric Mini (couldn't find a definitive homepage about it, but go Google it, you'll get lots of results) is an oddball too. It fits except for the price. Damn it. Always wanted to own a Mini again. I read on several blogs that it will cost about $50k, so the i MiEV is probably the way to go. They're currently only on lease in California (for a whopping $850 a month).

Then there's the Smart Fortwo ED (you don't want to look at the size of that URL...). At 110km/h it's almost good enough. Currently, it would be priced at around €22k, which is still a bit too much for me, but getting in a far better range than the other cars.

Lastly, there's the GM Volt, which, despite being an American car, is very promising. Another one that's out of my price range, though. But it arguably has the best specs for a decent price, which is expected to be around €22k, like the Smart Fortwo ED (the latter will hopefully drop in price a lot!).

Those are about all the serious contenders that I could find. Like I said in my previous post, there's a lot being written, but very little is actually available already. And the stuff that is available, is either way too low-specced or way too expensive. But 2010 is going to be an interesting year, since most of the cars I described here, will hopefully be available for consumers by then. I'll be sure to go and test drive some of them, just to get a feel for it. And buy myself some lotery tickets, since it seems I need more money.


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