I'm old. I'm so old that I remember games that looked really cool in 16 colors. I mean, I actually remember thinking at that time that they looked so cool. That's how old I am.

But with regards to games, that time was so much better than the current offerings. We had Eye of the Beholder and even earlier Bard's Tale. I miss those games. I could spent hours at them. Usually with Rutger, my friend and neighbour at the time. He had a subscription to a magazine of which I've forgotten the name, but which detailed all kinds of new games every month. So much fun we had.

Now I found this site, Abandonia.com, and I know what I'll be doing tonight. All those old games, Legends of Arkadia, Elder Scrolls: Arena, you name. Wish I found that site much sooner.

Man, I feel so old now.


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