Watched Religulous last weekend. It was entertaining, much like how a football game can be entertaining: 22 idiots trying the shoot a sheep's blather between two poles and missing most of the time.

Now, I'm not really a fan of religion. It has it's uses, but it's been abused so much that it's not even funny anymore. Plus, people tend to choose the parts that are convenient to them, while ignoring the gist of the matter. Ah well.

Imagine my surprise when in the whole movie the people with the most common sense were in the Vatican? Some quotes:

Father George Coyne, PhD (former Vatican astronomer): "It's not that the church has the idea, you know, they're gonna train us up so we can be the first ones out there to bepatize those extraterrastials before the Mormons get at 'em. The reason is simply historical facts. [Pope] John Paul II, for instance, said evolution in the neo-Darwinian is no longer a mere hypothesis. I mean, he said that. It's in writing. [...] The Christian Scriptures were written between about 2,000 years before Christ to about 200 years after Christ. That's it. Modern science came to be with Galileo, up through Newton, up through Einstein. What we know as modern science, okay, is in that period. How in the world could there be any science in scripture? There can not be! Just the two historical periods are separated by so much. The Scriptures are not teaching science."

I so agree with that last part. Although I think the bible is just a book, like many others, if you do believe it's holy, take it the way it was meant: As a collections of stories about God. Not Science. Science is in that other book, you know, the ones that have all those difficult equations in them.


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