Rescue Dog Training

Sunday May 31st, Aagje and I joined my dad with Daantje to the training for rescue dogs. Although Aagje was a little bit nervous, she did quite well. The next Wednesday we went again and she actually impressed the trainer ("you should've started years ago"). She likes doing it and she's already very good at the basic steps. We're still a long way away from actually being able to rescue people, of course, but still, I'm glad that we're having such a good start.

We're training with the Limburgse Reddingshonden Brigade and I hope to be able to take the SIN exam in about a year. Or 18 months. I don't know, we'll have to see how well Aagje keeps doing this. But I'm very excited and Aagje is having a lot of fun, which is the most important, of course.


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