Aagje and other dogs

It's always been a problem. Aagje is quite dominant towards other dogs and as a general rule I keep her away from other dogs, to prevent fighting. But it has always bugged me. I'd so much love to have a dog I could allow to run free without worrying for other dogs. Last Sunday I had a friend over who took along her dog and for the first time in a few years I tried convincing Aagje that she didn't need to attack the other dog.

It went suprisingly well. After we walked a little while with both dogs on a leash, without them being able to get to each other, Aagje seemed to get a little more relaxed. Se we slowly allowed them to get closer and nothing happened. They just sniffed a bit. I was so relieved! So a little while later we untied the leashes and let them run. As I expected, Aagje had no interest whatsoever to play with the other dog, which is fine. I don't need her to play with the dog, I'll be happy if she just doesn't attack it. She kept focussed on us and there was no problem. Only after she noticed no one was about to give her orders and play with her, did she get frustrated and started harassing the other dog, so I took her on the leash again. But she wasn't really aggressive, just annoying the other dog. She still came for me after I called to her.

I'm mostly happy about this because it means she'll be able to walk in line if we ever pass the exam for rescue dogs. That's a prerequisite for being allowed to help in rescue missions. We can pass the exam without her being able to work next to another dog, but if we'd ever get called on to help, she'll have to disregard all other dogs in the area she's assigned to work on. So, good news :D


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