New GPG key

Finally took the time to initialise the cryptostick we're using these days. Some info for those who use it:

asterisk:~ tim$ gpg --fingerprint 0D70B4D7

pub 3072R/0D70B4D7 2010-10-20 [expires: 2015-10-19] Key fingerprint = 8D6D 61AF AA5D 6295 AFF3 4A3C B742 5A37 0D70 B4D7 uid Timmy Hanko Stoop (Tim)

uid Administratie Kumina

uid Timmy Hanko Stoop (Tim)

sub 3072R/3A5D131C 2010-10-20 [expires: 2015-10-19]

sub 3072R/E564D8F1 2010-10-20 [expires: 2015-10-19]

And the SSH fingerprint too.

3072 59:78:05:ee:f2:c3:85:e5:38:bf:4f:05:fc:f8:db:08 cardno:00050000069F (RSA)


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