Puppet Tips&Tricks: Running apt-get update only when needed

A small example on how you can make apt-get update only run if a) the machine rebooted and b) something changed in /etc/apt. We use cron-apt to run an update every night, to keep the machine up-to-date, so this is really all we need. If you need to add a repository before you can install a package (say, you want to install a package from the Kumina Debian Repository), you can now do it in one puppet run, if you make sure your package resource depends on apt-get update. This is the code:

# Run apt-get update when anything beneath /etc/apt/ changes

exec { "apt-get update":
command => "/usr/bin/apt-get update && touch /tmp/apt.update",
onlyif => "/bin/sh -c '[ ! -f /tmp/apt.update ] || /usr/bin/find /etc/apt -cnewer /tmp/apt.update | /bin/grep . > /dev/null'",


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